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Class: dlhdl.Workflow
Package: dlhdl

Retrieve bitstream resource utilization



area = getBuildInfo returns a structure containing the bitstream resource utilization.

Output Arguments

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Bitstream resource utilization returned as a structure.

  • The Block Memory Bits utilization is available for Intel® bitstreams only.

  • The resource utilization results of Intel bitstreams show the Block RAM utilization as 100%. To analyze bitstream resource utilization, refer to the Block Memory Bits utilization instead.


Retrieve arria10soc_singleBitstream Resource Utilization

Retrieve the resource utilization for the arria10soc_single bitstream.

Create a file in your current working folder called getLogoNetwork.m. In the file, enter:

function net = getLogoNetwork
 if ~isfile('LogoNet.mat')
        url = '';
    data = load('LogoNet.mat');
    net  = data.convnet;

Create a dlhdl.Workflow object that has LogoNet as the Network argument and arria10soc_single as the Bitstream argument.

snet = getLogoNetwork;
hW = dlhdl.Workflow('Network',snet,'Bitstream','arria10soc_single');

Call getBuildInfo argument to retrieve the arria10soc_single resource utilization. Store the resource utilization in area.

area = hW.getBuildInfo
              Deep Learning Processor Bitstream Build Info

Resource                   Utilized           Total        Percentage
------------------        ----------      ------------    ------------
LUTs (CLB/ALM)*               93578            251680           37.18
DSPs                            278              1687           16.48
Block RAM                      2131              2131          100.00
Block Memory Bits          23211920          43642880           53.19
* LUT count represents Configurable Logic Block(CLB) utilization in Xilinx devices and Adaptive Logic Module (ALM) utilization in Intel devices.

area = 

  struct with fields:

                LUT: [93578 251680]
    BlockMemoryBits: [23211920 43642880]
           BlockRAM: [2131 2131]
                DSP: [278 1687]

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Introduced in R2021a