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Class: target.DebugIOTool
Namespace: target

Read specified byte stream from variable in memory

Since R2021a


[variableData, errFlag] =, variable)


[variableData, errFlag] =, variable), through the debugger, reads the specified byte stream from the variable in memory. The method returns the byte stream and an error flag.

Input Arguments

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Byte stream to write to memory.

Example: [vd,ef] ='myByteStream', myVariable)

Variable in memory.

Example: [vd,ef] ='myByteStream', myVariable)

Data Types: uint64

Output Arguments

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Byte stream from variable in memory.

Outcome of the write operation:

  • true –– Error occurred during write operation.

  • false –– Write operation completed.

Version History

Introduced in R2021a