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Generate HDL-Compatible Lookup Table Function Replacements Using coder.approximate

This example shows MATLAB® code generation from a floating-point MATLAB design that is not ready for code generation. Use coder.approximate function to generate a lookup table based MATLAB function. This newly generated function is ready for HDL code generation (not shown in this demo).


The MATLAB code used in the example is sigmoid function, which is used for threshold detection and decision making problems. For example, neural networks use sigmoid functions with appropriate thresholds to train systems for learning patterns.


design_name = 'mlhdlc_approximate_sigmoid';
testbench_name = 'mlhdlc_approximate_sigmoid_tb';

This function call displays the file contents of design_name.

1     function y = mlhdlc_approximate_sigmoid( x )
2     %
4     %   Copyright 2014-2015 The MathWorks, Inc.
6         y = 1./(1+exp(-x));
7     end

Simulate the Design

It is always a good practice to simulate the design with the testbench prior to code generation to make sure there are no runtime errors.


Use coder.approximate to generate a lookup-table based replacement function for mlhdlc_approximate_sigmoid.

Generate fixed-point lookup-table replacements

repCfg = coder.approximation('Function','mlhdlc_approximate_sigmoid','CandidateFunction',@mlhdlc_approximate_sigmoid,...

First the fixed-point conversion completes with appropriate function replacements, and following console message,

### Generating approximation for 'sigmoid' : repsiglookuptable.m
### Generating testbench for 'sigmoid' : repsiglookuptable_tb.m
### LookupTable replacement for function 'sigmoid' used 50 data points

This should generate the MATLAB files repsig_lookuptable_tb, and repsig_lookuptable containing the testbench and design respectively.

Test the replacement functions

To visually see the degree of match between lookup-table based replacement function and the original function use the testbench,