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Generate Synthesis Scripts

You can generate customized synthesis scripts for the following tools:

  • Xilinx® Vivado®

  • Xilinx ISE

  • Microchip Libero

  • Mentor Graphics® Precision

  • Altera® Quartus II

  • Synopsys® Synplify Pro®

  • Intel® Quartus® Pro

You can also generate a synthesis script for a custom tool by specifying the fields manually.

To generate a synthesis script:

  1. In the HDL Workflow Advisor, select the HDL Code Generation task.

  2. In the Script Options tab, select Synthesis.

  3. For Choose synthesis tool, select a tool option.

  4. If you want to customize your script, use the Synthesis file postfix, Synthesis initialization, Synthesis command, and Synthesis termination text fields to do so.

After you generate code, your synthesis Tcl script (.tcl) is in the same folder as your generated HDL code.