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Physical Channels


Physical sidelink channels correspond to sets of time-frequency resources used for transmission of particular transport channel content, or control information. Physical channel processing includes modulation, coding, symbol generation, resource element indexing, and precoding.


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ltePSBCHPhysical sidelink broadcast channel
ltePSBCHIndicesPSBCH resource element indices
ltePSBCHDRSPSBCH demodulation reference signal
ltePSBCHDRSIndicesPSBCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePSBCHPRBSPSBCH pseudorandom binary scrambling sequence
ltePSBCHDecodePSBCH decoding
lteSLChannelEstimatePSBCHPSBCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLFrameOffsetPSBCHPSBCH DM-RS sidelink subframe timing estimate
ltePSSCHPhysical sidelink shared channel
ltePSSCHIndicesPSSCH resource element indices
ltePSSCHDRSPSSCH demodulation reference signal
ltePSSCHDRSIndicesPSSCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePSSCHPRBSPSSCH pseudorandom binary scrambling sequence
ltePSSCHDecodePSSCH decoding
lteSLChannelEstimatePSSCHPSSCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLFrameOffsetPSSCHPSSCH DM-RS sidelink subframe timing estimate
ltePSCCHPhysical sidelink control channel
ltePSCCHIndicesPSCCH resource element indices
ltePSCCHDRSPSCCH demodulation reference signal
ltePSCCHDRSIndicesPSCCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePSCCHPRBSPSCCH pseudorandom binary scrambling sequence
ltePSCCHDecodePSCCH decoding
lteSLChannelEstimatePSCCHPSCCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLFrameOffsetPSCCHPSCCH DM-RS sidelink subframe timing estimate