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PDCCH resource information



info = ltePDCCHInfo(enb) returns a structure info containing information about the Physical Downlink Control Channel (PDCCH) subframe resources.

Within a non-MBMS downlink subframe, the first info.NSymbols OFDM symbols represent its control region and carry the PCFICH, PHICH and PDCCH. info.NRE indicates the number of non-reference resource elements (RE), not assigned to the PCFICH or PHICH, that are associated with PDCCH transmission. These resources carry the set of PDCCH where each PDCCH carries a single encoded DCI message. Each PDCCH can be transmitted on 1,2,4, or 8 control channel elements (CCE), where 1 CCE = 9 REG = 36 RE = 72 bits. As such, not all the NRE elements can carry actual PDCCH instances, with (info.NREinfo.NREUsed) being unavailable for PDCCH transmission.


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Get information about the PDCCH subframe resources for RMC R.0.

enb = lteRMCDL('R.0');
info = ltePDCCHInfo(enb)
info = struct with fields:
        NREG: 113
         NRE: 452
        NCCE: 12
    NREGUsed: 108
     NREUsed: 432
        MTot: 904
    NSymbols: 3

Input Arguments

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Cell-wide settings, specified as a scalar structure. enb is a structure having the following fields.

Parameter FieldRequired or OptionalValuesDescription
NDLRBRequiredInteger within the range (6,...,110)

Number of downlink resource blocks (NRBDL)


'Normal' (default), 'Extended'

Cyclic prefix length


1, 2, 4

Number of cell-specific reference signal (CRS) antenna ports


1, 2, 3

Control format indicator value


'Sixth', 'Half', 'One', 'Two'

HICH group multiplier


'FDD' (default), 'TDD'

Duplexing mode, specified as either:

  • 'FDD' for Frequency Division Duplex

  • 'TDD' for Time Division Duplex


0 (default), nonnegative scalar integer

Subframe number

The following field is required when DuplexMode is set to 'TDD'.

0, 1 (default), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Uplink–downlink configuration

Data Types: struct

Output Arguments

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PDCCH subframe resource information, returned as a structure. info contains the following fields.

Parameter FieldValuesDescription

Numeric scalar

Total number of resource elements (REs) associated with PDCCHs (4×NREG)


Numeric scalar

Total number of resource element groups (REGs) associated with PDCCHs (4×NRE)


Numeric scalar

Total number of bits associated with PDCCHs, returned as a numeric scalar (8×NREG). MTot is the maximum number of input bits that can be transmitted on the NRE symbols (MTot = 2 × NRE = 8 × NREG).


Numeric scalar

Number of control channel elements available for actual PDCCH usage


Numeric scalar

Number of resource element groups (REGs) available for actual PDCCH usage


Numeric scalar

Number of resource elements (REs) available for actual PDCCH usage


Numeric scalar

Total number of OFDM symbols spanned by the PDCCH

Data Types: struct

Version History

Introduced in R2014a