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Install on single machine, cloud-managed Kubernetes®, or Red Hat® OpenShift®

You can install and host MATLAB® Online Server™ on-premises, including air-gapped scenarios, or in cloud environments on virtual or bare-metal infrastructure. You can also centrally manage versions of MATLAB and add-on products by installing them onto the server. To learn more about how MATLAB Online Server works, see Host MATLAB Online on Your Infrastructure.

System Administration Commands

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mosadm helpDisplay help for MATLAB Online Server system administration commands
mosadm bootstrap-nodeInstall Kubernetes and configure single-node Kubernetes cluster for MATLAB Online Server
mosadm merge-kube-configMerge Kubernetes configuration files into MATLAB Online Server installation
mosadm install-ingressInstall NGINX ingress controller for MATLAB Online Server
mosadm load-docker-imagesLoad Docker images into MATLAB Online Server
mosadm install-matlabInstall MATLAB on MATLAB Online Server
mosadm build-matlab-imageBuild MATLAB Docker image for use in MATLAB Online Server
mosadm copy-helm-chartsCopy Helm charts into install location for MATLAB Online Server
mosadm generate-overridesGenerate override files for configuring MATLAB Online Server
mosadm deployDeploy MATLAB Online Server services to Kubernetes cluster
mosadm build-offline-installerBuild offline installer for MATLAB Online Server
mosadm uninstall-ingressUninstall NGINX ingress controller for MATLAB Online Server


Before You Install

Server Installation

Add-Ons Installation

After You Install


Resolve License Service Issues

Resolve license manager server connection problems and license checkout failures.

Resolve Pod Creation Stuck Issues

Pods can get stuck in ImagePullBackOff, CrashLoopBackOff, Pending, or ContainerCreating states.