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MATLAB Online Server

Host MATLAB Online on-premises or in a cloud environment

MATLAB® Online Server™ lets you host MATLAB Online™ on-premises or in your cloud environment. With MATLAB Online, your users can run MATLAB from their web browsers without downloading, installing, or configuring desktop software on their own computers.

MATLAB Online Server uses a microservice architecture that supports both horizontal and vertical scaling based on your hardware configuration. To ensure efficient resource usage, you can configure your hardware to account for variable or infrequent MATLAB usage. The server integrates with your existing network file system and authentication services.

MATLAB Online provides access to the full MATLAB programming language and desktop environment, as well as to MATLAB add-on products.

MATLAB Online Server hosted on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, on-premises, or on other cloud environments


Install on single machine, cloud-managed Kubernetes®, or Red Hat® OpenShift®

Setup and Configuration

Configure security, storage, authentication, hardware resources, and MATLAB and integrate server into enterprise environment

Server Management

Manage and monitor server, update MATLAB Online Server and MATLAB releases running on server

MathWorks Product Usage

Provide end users support for using MATLAB Online in MATLAB Online Server


Resolve unexpected issues in MATLAB Online Server