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Elements of a .NET Engine Program

MATLAB® engine API for .NET enables .NET programs to interact with MATLAB synchronously or asynchronously. Supported operations include:

  • Start MATLAB.

  • Connect to a MATLAB shared session on the local machine.

  • Call MATLAB functions with input arguments passed from .NET and output variables returned from MATLAB.

  • Evaluate MATLAB statements in the MATLAB base workspace.

  • Pass variables from .NET to MATLAB and from MATLAB to .NET.

    The size of data arrays passed between .NET and MATLAB is limited to 2 GB. This limit applies to the data plus supporting information passed between the processes.

Coding Environment

MATLAB engine API for .NET consists of these classes and is included in the MATLAB product.

Before using the API, set up your build and run-time environment. For more information, see Requirements to Build .NET Engine Programs.

Coding Patterns


The MathWorks.MATLAB.Engine namespace contains the MATLAB Engine for .NET.

The MathWorks.MATLAB.Types namespace contains the MATLAB Data API for .NET.

The MathWorks.MATLAB.Exceptions namespace contains the exception classes for the .NET engine.

Start MATLAB Session

You can start a MATLAB session from your .NET program synchronously or asynchronously. Use these MathWorks.MATLAB.Engine.MATLABEngine methods to start MATLAB:

For examples, see Start MATLAB Session from .NET.

Call MATLAB Function and Return Result

To call a MATLAB function funcname on a MATLABEngine object eng, type:

retVal = eng.funcname(arg1,arg2,...)

For example, to call linspace on a point interval of –5 to 5, type:

double[] A = eng.linspace(-5.0,5.0);

For more examples, see Execute MATLAB Functions from .NET.