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Access product examples in Help browser


demo displays a list of featured MATLAB® and Simulink® examples in the Help browser.


demo type lists the examples for the specified product. Valid values for type are matlab or simulink.


demo type name lists the examples for products other than MATLAB or Simulink. Valid values for type include matlab, simulink, toolbox, or blockset.


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demo matlab
demo toolbox statistics
demo toolbox 'computer vision'
demo simulink 'simulink control design'

Input Arguments

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Product name or type, specified as 'matlab', 'simulink', 'toolbox', or 'blockset'. For products other than MATLAB or Simulink, you must also specify a name input that corresponds to the product name.

Example: matlab

Example: toolbox statistics

Product name other than MATLAB or Simulink, specified as a character vector. If name requires multiple words, enclose it in single quotes.

Example: statistics

Example: 'computer vision'


  • To access third-party and custom examples without using the demo command, open the Help browser and navigate to the documentation home page. Then, on the left side of the home page, under Supplemental Software, select the documentation that you want to access.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a