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Unstack Table Variables

Distribute values from one table variable to multiple table variables in the Live Editor

Since R2020a


The Unstack Table Variables task lets you interactively unstack, or distribute, values in a table or timetable from one variable to multiple variables. The task automatically generates MATLAB® code for your live script.

Related Functions

Unstack Table Variables generates code that uses the unstack function.

Unstack Table Variables task in Live Editor

Open the Task

To add the Unstack Table Variables task to a live script in the MATLAB Editor:

  • On the Live Editor tab, select Task > Unstack Table Variables.

  • In a code block in the script, type a relevant keyword, such as unstack. Select Unstack Table Variables from the suggested command completions.


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This example shows how to unstack values from one variable in an input table and distribute them to multiple variables in an output table by using the Unstack Table Variables Live Editor task.

First, load a table that contains estimated influenza rates along the east coast of the United States. The table has a variable with flu rates and another variable indicating whether the rates are for the Northeast (NE), Mid-Atlantic (MidAtl), or Southeast (SE) regions. (These data come from the Google Flu Trends project, since discontinued.)

load fluRate
fluRate=18×3 table
        Month        Region    Flu Rate
    _____________    ______    ________

     October-2005    NE         1.1902 
     October-2005    MidAtl     1.1865 
     October-2005    SE          1.273 
    November-2005    NE          1.361 
    November-2005    MidAtl      1.412 
    November-2005    SE          1.582 
    December-2005    NE         1.5003 
    December-2005    MidAtl     1.6043 
    December-2005    SE         1.8625 
     January-2006    NE         1.7772 
     January-2006    MidAtl      1.883 
     January-2006    SE          1.954 
    February-2006    NE          2.135 
    February-2006    MidAtl     2.1227 
    February-2006    SE         2.4803 
       March-2006    NE         2.2345 

Add the Unstack Table Variables task to your live script. Unstack the Flu Rate variable so that the output table has variables named NE, MidAtl, and SE, containing flu rates for those regions.

  • To group the data by month, select the Group by menu item below the Month variable in the task.

  • To select the names of the output variables, click the radio button Names of new table variables above the Region variable. For each unique value in Region, there is a corresponding variable in the output table.

  • To distribute values from the Flu Rate variable into the NE, MidAtl, and SE variables in the output, click the radio button Values in new table variables above Flu Rate.

Live Task
unstackedTable=6×4 table
        Month          NE      MidAtl      SE  
    _____________    ______    ______    ______

     October-2005    1.1902    1.1865     1.273
    November-2005     1.361     1.412     1.582
    December-2005    1.5003    1.6043    1.8625
     January-2006    1.7772     1.883     1.954
    February-2006     2.135    2.1227    2.4803
       March-2006    2.2345     1.992    2.0203

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Introduced in R2020a

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