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Motor Control Blockset

Design and implement motor control algorithms

Motor Control Blockset™ provides reference examples and blocks for developing field-oriented control algorithms for brushless motors. The examples show how to configure a controller model to generate compact and fast C code for any target microcontroller (with Embedded Coder®). You can also use the reference examples to generate algorithmic C code and driver code for specific motor control kits.

The blockset includes Park and Clarke transforms, sliding mode and flux observers, a space-vector generator, and other components for creating speed and torque controllers. You can automatically tune controller gains based on specified bandwidth and phase margins for current and speed loops (with Simulink® Control Design™).

The blockset lets you create an accurate motor model by providing tools for collecting data directly from hardware and calculating motor parameters. You can use the parameterized motor model to test your control algorithm in closed-loop simulations.

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Device and system examples for motor control applications

Sensor Calibration

Compute offsets for position, current, and voltage

Motor Parameter Estimation and Plant Modelling

Compute estimated motor parameters and create plant model

Control Algorithm Design

Create controller algorithm for motor control system

Deployment and Validation

Deploy and validate motor control system

Hardware Troubleshooting

Resolve issues related to custom hardware