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Configure Client Authentication

To ensure that only trusted client applications have access to a MATLAB® Production Server™ instance that uses HTTPS, configure the server instance to require client authentication by setting the following properties in the main_config server configuration file:

  1. Set the ssl-verify-peer-mode configuration property to verify-peer-require-peer-cert.

  2. Configure the server instance to use the system provided certificate authority (CA) store, a server specific CA store, or both.

    Use these configuration properties to control the CA stores used by the server instance:

    • x509-ca-file-store specifies a PEM-format CA store to authenticate clients.

    • x509-use-system-store directs the server instance to use the system CA store to authenticate clients.


      x509-use-system-store does not work on Windows®.

  3. Optionally configure the server instance to respect any certificate revocation lists (CRLs) in the CA store.

    Specify this behavior by setting the x509-use-crl property in the server configuration. If you do not set this property, the server instance ignores the CRLs and may authenticate clients using revoked credentials.


    You must add a CRL list to the CA store of the server before adding the x509-use-crl property. If the CA store does not include a CRL list, the server crashes.

This configuration excerpt configures a server instance to authenticate clients using the system CA store and to respect CRLs:

--https port
--x509-cert-chain ./x509/my-cert.pem
--x509-private-key ./x509/my-key.pem
--x509-passphrase ./x509/my-passphrase
--ssl-verify-peer-mode verify-peer-require-peer-cert

The server must be configured to use HTTPS in order to configure client authentication.

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