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Delete borders between minimal regions


[dl1,bt1] = csgdel(dl,bt,bl)
[dl1,bt1] = csgdel(dl,bt)


[dl1,bt1] = csgdel(dl,bt,bl) deletes the border segments in the list bl. If the consistency of the Decomposed Geometry matrix is not preserved by deleting the elements in the list bl, additional border segments are deleted. Boundary segments cannot be deleted.

For an explanation of the concepts or border segments, boundary segments, and minimal regions, see decsg.

dl and dl1 are Decomposed Geometry matrices. For a description of the Decomposed Geometry matrix, see decsg. The format of the Boolean tables bt and bt1 is also described in the entry on decsg.

[dl1,bt1] = csgdel(dl,bt) deletes all border segments.

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Introduced before R2006a