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StructuralMaterialAssignment Properties

Structural material property assignments

A StructuralMaterialAssignment object contains the description of material properties of a structural analysis model. A StructuralModel container has a vector of StructuralMaterialAssignment objects in its MaterialProperties.MaterialAssignments property.

To create the material properties assignments for your structural analysis model, use the structuralProperties function.

Properties of StructuralMaterialAssignment

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Region type, specified as 'Face' for a 2-D region, or 'Cell' for a 3-D region.

Data Types: char | string

Region ID, specified as a vector of positive integers. To determine which ID corresponds to which portion of the geometry, use the pdegplot function, setting the 'FaceLabels' name-value pair to 'on'.

Data Types: double

Young's modulus of the material, specified as a positive number.

Data Types: double

Poisson's ratio of the material, specified as a positive number.

Data Types: double

Mass density of the material, specified as a positive number. This property is required when modeling gravitational effects.

Data Types: double

Coefficient of thermal expansion, specified as a real number. This argument is required for thermal stress analysis. Thermal stress analysis requires the structural model to be static.

Data Types: double

Hysteretic damping parameter, specified as a nonnegative number. This type of damping is also called structural damping.

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2017b