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RF PCB Toolbox

Perform electromagnetic analysis of printed circuit boards

RF PCB Toolbox™ provides functions and apps for designing, analyzing, and visualizing high-speed and RF multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs). You can design components with parameterized or arbitrary geometry, including distributed passive structures such as traces, bends, and vias. Using the frequency-domain method of moments and other EM techniques, you can model coupling, dispersion, and parasitic effects.

With RF PCB Toolbox, designers of RF boards, modules, MMICs, and SiPs can predict PCB performance and verify that the manufactured PCB meets specifications. For RF and antenna designers, the toolbox provides parameterized models of distributed filters, couplers, splitters, matching networks, and Gerber file generation. Toolbox support for ODB++ and databases from Cadence® Allegro®, Mentor Expedition, Altium®, and Zuken enables signal integrity engineers to analyze the high-speed portions of the PCB layout.

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Learn the basics of RF PCB Toolbox

PCB Components Catalog

Transmission lines, filters, splitters, couplers, stubs, parametrized geometry visualization

Materials Catalog

Metal and dielectric substrate selection and parameterization

Custom Geometry and PCB Fabrication

Bends, curves, rings, radials, and custom traces; Boolean operations, Gerber file read and write

Analysis and Verification

EM solvers, analysis functions, mesh configuration, utility functions

Import, Export, and Visualization

PCB file I/O, layout, visualization, Gerber file generation


Matching networks, receiver chains; signal integrity, cross talk, and coupled lines; PCB antennas