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Gazebo Co-Simulation

High fidelity simulation using co-simulation

Create high-fidelity simulations by interfacing with Gazebo MATLAB® functions and Simulink® blocks.


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rateControlExecute loop at fixed frequency
statisticsStatistics of past execution periods
waitforPause code execution to achieve desired execution rate
resetReset Rate object
gzinitInitialize connection settings for Gazebo Co-Simulation MATLAB interface (Since R2021a)
gzlinkAssign and retrieve Gazebo model link information (Since R2021a)
gzjointAssign and retrieve Gazebo model joint information (Since R2021a)
gzmodelAssign and retrieve Gazebo model information (Since R2021a)
gzworldInteract with Gazebo world (Since R2021a)
gazebogenmsgGenerate dependencies for Gazebo custom message support (Since R2020b)
packageGazeboPluginCreate Gazebo plugin package for Simulink (Since R2020b)


Gazebo Apply CommandSend command to Gazebo simulator (Since R2019b)
Gazebo Blank MessageCreate blank Gazebo command (Since R2019b)
Gazebo PacerSettings for synchronized stepping between Gazebo and Simulink (Since R2019b)
Gazebo ReadReceive messages from Gazebo server (Since R2019b)
Gazebo PublishSend custom messages to Gazebo server (Since R2020b)
Gazebo SubscribeReceive custom messages from Gazebo server (Since R2020b)
Gazebo Select EntitySelect a Gazebo entity (Since R2019b)