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Auto-scale object mesh to match specified cuboid dimensions

Since R2022a



scaledMesh = scaleToFit(mesh,dims) auto-scales the object mesh to match the dimensions of a cuboid specified in the structure dims.


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Create an extendedObjectMesh object and auto-scale the object to the required dimensions.

Construct a sphere mesh of unit dimensions.

sph = extendedObjectMesh('sphere');

Auto-scale the mesh to the dimensions in dims.

dims = struct('Length',5,'Width',10,'Height',3,'OriginOffset',[0 0 -3]);
sph = scaleToFit(sph,dims);

Visualize the mesh.


Input Arguments

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Extended object mesh, specified as an extendedObjectMesh object.

Dimensions of the cuboid to scale an object mesh, specified as a struct with these fields:

  • Length – Length of the cuboid

  • Width – Width of the cuboid

  • Height – Height of the cuboid

  • OriginOffset – Origin offset in 3-D coordinates

All the dimensions are in meters.

Data Types: struct

Output Arguments

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Scaled object mesh, returned as an extendedObjectMesh object.

Version History

Introduced in R2022a