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Convert value for atom in normalized coordinates to corresponding actual value


avalue = normalized2actual(A,NV)


Converts a normalized value NV of an atom to its corresponding actual (unnormalized) value.

If NV is an array of values, then avalue will be an array of the same dimension.


Create uncertain real parameters with a range that is symmetric about the nominal value, where each endpoint is 1 unit from the nominal. Points that lie inside the range are less than 1 unit from the nominal, while points that lie outside the range are greater than 1 unit from the nominal.

a = ureal('a',3,'range',[1 5]); 
actual2normalized(a,[1 3 5]) 
ans = 
   -1.0000   -0.0000    1.0000 
normalized2actual(a,[-1 1]) 
ans = 
   1.0000    5.0000 
normalized2actual(a,[-1.5 1.5]) 
ans = 
   0.0000    6.0000 

Version History

Introduced before R2006a