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commit (variant)

Commit variant contents to model


commit(variantObj, modelObj)


modelObjSpecify the model object to which you want to commit a variant.
variantObjVariant object to commit to the model object.


commit(variantObj, modelObj) commits the Contents property of a SimBiology® variant object (variantObj) to the model object modelObj. The property values stored in the variant object replace the values stored in the model.

A SimBiology variant object stores alternate values for properties on a SimBiology model. For more information on variants, see Variant object.

The Contents are set on the model object in order of occurrence, with duplicate entries overwriting. If the commit method finds an incorrectly specified entry, an error occurs and the remaining properties defined in the Contents property are not set.


  1. Create a model containing one species.

    modelObj = sbiomodel('mymodel');
    compObj = addcompartment(modelObj, 'comp1');
    speciesObj = addspecies(compObj, 'A', 10);
  2. Add a variant object that varies the InitialAmount property of a species named A.

    variantObj = addvariant(modelObj, 'v1');
    addcontent(variantObj, {'species', 'A', 'InitialAmount', 5});
  3. Commit the contents of the variant (variantObj).

    commit (variantObj, modelObj);

Version History

Introduced in R2007b