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Exported SimBiology model object


Exported SimBiology® models are limited-access models that can be simulated and accelerated. You can speedup simulation of exported models using Parallel Computing Toolbox™, and deploy exported models using MATLAB® Compiler™.

By default, all active dose objects, species, parameters, and compartments export with a SimBiology model, and are editable in the exported model object. You can limit which doses, species, parameters, and compartments are editable using additional options during export. Reactions, rules, and events are never editable in an exported model.


Use the export function to export a SimBiology model.


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This property is read-only.

Function files the model depends on, specified as a cell array of character vectors.

This property is read-only.

Text with additional information associated with the exported model, specified as a character vector.

This property is read-only.

Creation time of the exported model, specified as a character vector.

Initial values for modifiable species, compartments, and parameters, specified as a vector of values.

This property is read-only.

Name of the exported model, specified as a character vector.

This property is read-only.

HTML text describing the exported model object, specified as a character vector.

Simulation options, specified as a SimBiology.export.SimulationOptions object.

Modifiable value components, specified as an array of SimBiology.export.ValueInfo objects of modifiable species, parameters, and compartments.

Object Functions

acceleratePrepare exported SimBiology model for acceleration
getIndexGet indices into ValueInfo and InitialValues properties
getdoseReturn exported SimBiology model dose object
isAcceleratedDetermine whether an exported SimBiology model is accelerated
simulateSimulate exported SimBiology model


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Load a sample SimBiology model object, and export.

modelObj = sbmlimport('lotka');
em = export(modelObj)
em = 
  Model with properties:

           Name: 'lotka'
     ExportTime: '13-Feb-2024 00:49:19'
    ExportNotes: ''

Display the editable values (compartments, species, and parameters) information.

ans=8×1 ValueInfo array with properties:

There are 8 editable values. Display the names of the editable values.

ans = 1x8 cell
    {'unnamed'}    {'x'}    {'y1'}    {'y2'}    {'z'}    {'c1'}    {'c2'}    {'c3'}

Display the exported model simulation options.

ans = 
  ODESimulationOptions with properties:

            AbsoluteTolerance: 1.0000e-06
     AbsoluteToleranceScaling: 1
    AbsoluteToleranceStepSize: [0x1 double]
                      MaxStep: [0x1 double]
                  OutputTimes: [0x1 double]
            RelativeTolerance: 1.0000e-03
                   SolverType: 'ode15s'
          MaximumNumberOfLogs: Inf
             MaximumWallClock: Inf
                     StopTime: 10
                    TimeUnits: 'second'

Version History

Introduced in R2012b