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Balance Battery Cells with Switched Capacitor Method

Since R2023b

This example shows how to balance a battery with two cells connected in series by using the switched-capacitor (SC) strategy for active cell balancing. For shuttling the energy between the battery cells, this method uses capacitors as external energy storage elements. To balance N cells, the SC method requires N-1 capacitors and 2*N bidirectional switches. The control strategy has two states only and can work in charging and discharging modes. The initial state of charge (SOC) is 0.7 for one cell and 0.75 for the other. To generate more detailed battery packs, use the objects and functions in the Battery Pack Model Builder.

Model Overview

Simulation Results

This plot shows the cell SOC values.

Results from Real-Time Simulation

This example was tested on a Speedgoat Performance real-time target machine with an Intel® 3.5 GHz i7 multi-core CPU. This model can run in real time with a step size of 20 microseconds.

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