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Bluetooth Connection Fails


The Bluetooth® connection between your computer and Parrot® minidrone fails.

For example, for Parrot Rolling Spider, the following error message is displayed:


Try these options sequentially until the connection is established:

  1. Check these settings and click the Try Again button:

    1. The Bluetooth adapter supports Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 version. To find out if your adapter is Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 compatible, see Finding the LMP Version of Bluetooth Adapter on Your Windows System.

    2. The minidrone is switched on and both LEDs on the minidrone are green.

  2. Restart the minidrone, wait until both the LEDs on the minidrone turn green, and follow the steps in Add a Parrot Mambo Minidrone to a Windows System or Add a Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone to a Windows System.

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