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Class: ModelAdvisor.Task
Namespace: ModelAdvisor

Specify check used in task


setCheck(task, check_ID)


setCheck(task, check_ID) specifies the check to use in the task.

You can use one ModelAdvisor.Check object in multiple ModelAdvisor.Task objects, allowing you to place the same check in multiple locations in the Model Advisor tree. For example, Check for implicit signal resolution appears in the By Product > Simulink folder and in the By Task > Model Referencing folder in the Model Advisor tree.

When adding checks as tasks, the Model Advisor uses the task properties instead of the check properties, except for Visible and LicenseName.

Input Arguments


Instantiation of the ModelAdvisor.Task class


A unique identifier for the check to use in the task


MAT1 = ModelAdvisor.Task('com.mathworks.sample.TaskSample1');
setCheck(MAT1, 'com.mathworks.sample.Check1');