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Model Advisor Check Issues for MAB Standards

Metric ID

Metric ID: mathworks.metrics.ModelAdvisorCheckIssues.maab


Metric Type: Compliance

Family ID: mathworks.metrics.ModelAdvisorCheckIssues

Use this metric to calculate number of issues reported by the group of Model Advisor checks for Modeling Standards for MAB. This metric counts each Model Advisor check that produces a warning or failure. If a check contains links to blocks, this metric counts one issue for each linked block. Checks with links to the model are highlighted in the Simulink Editor. If a check does not contain links to blocks, this metric counts one issue. This metric is available with Simulink® Check™.

The slmetric.metric.AggregationMode property setting is Sum.

Computation Details

The metric:

  • Runs on library models.

  • Analyzes content in masked subsystems.

  • If specified, analyzes the content of library-linked blocks or referenced models.

  • Analyzes content in Stateflow® objects.

  • Adds check issues on the configuration set or issues with data objects to the issue count at the model root level.


For this metric, instances of slmetric.metric.Result provide the following results:

  • Value: Number of issues reported by the Model Advisor for MAB checks.

  • AggregatedValue: Number of issues reported by the Model Advisor for MAB checks aggregated for a component and its subcomponents.

  • Measures: Not applicable.

For more information on the checks, see Using Model Advisor Checks for JMAAB Modeling Guidelines.

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