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Obtain state values from operating point



x = getstatestruct(op) extracts a structure of state values from a specified operating point object. You can use the state structure to set initial state values for your Simulink® model.


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Open the scdplane model and create an operating point. You can also compute a trimmed operating point or obtain an operating point snapshot.

mdl = 'scdplane';
op = operpoint(mdl);

Extract the state values from the operating point.

xInitial = getstatestruct(op);

Extract the input values from the operating point.

uInitial = getinputstruct(op);

To view the values of the states or inputs within this structure, use dot notation. For example, view the input values.

ans = 0

Set the initial state values in the model.


Set the initial input values in the model.


Input Arguments

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Operating point for a Simulink model, specified as an OperatingPoint, OperatingSpec, or OperatingReport object. You can also specify a homogeneous array of any of these objects.

Output Arguments

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State values, returned as a structure with the following fields.

  • signals — State values and information

  • time — Simulation time for state values, returned as 0.

If op is an array, x is returned as a structure array with the same dimensions as op.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a