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Store Intermediate Data in the Tool

This topic shows how to speed up successive evaluations of design requirements in the Sensitivity Analysis tool by storing intermediate data during evaluation. Use this option when memory usage is not a concern. Choosing this option results in a memory-time trade-off.

To store intermediate data during evaluation, in the Sensitivity Analysis tab, click Store Intermediate Data.

After creating a parameter set and specifying design requirements, you can evaluate your model. When you click Evaluate Model, the tool saves the logged signals that are used to compute the design requirements at each combination of parameter values in your parameter set. The logged signal values are stored in the RAM. After the evaluation is complete, you can view the number of logged entries by hovering over Store Intermediate Data.

If you now evaluate your model for a different design requirement that uses the same logged signals and parameter set values, the tool uses the stored signal values. As a result, successive evaluations take less time.

If your system is running out of memory during evaluation, stop the evaluation, and clear Store Intermediate Data. Doing so will delete the stored data from memory.

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