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Sync model parameters to real-time application parameters



    syncWithApp(parameter_set,app_name) synchronizes the parameter name-value pairs and synchronizes the model checksum saved in the parameter set object with the real-time application.

    A typical usage for the syncWithApp command occurs when you create a new model from an old model by adding or removing several blocks with tunable parameters. You would like to use the parameter set saved from the old model. But, directly loading the old parameter set to the new model generates an error because the number of parameters and model checksum do not match the new model. The syncWithApp command adds or removes the unmatched parameters from the parameter set. The command also updates the checksum, which lets you can reuse the parameter set saved from the old model.


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    To update the model with the parameter values from the real-time application, use the syncWithApp command.


    Input Arguments

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    The ParameterSet object that was created from the real-time application in the importParamSet command.

    Example: myParamSet

    Provides name of real-time application MLDATX file that you built from the model.

    Example: 'slrt_ex_osc'

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a