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Set Up and Configure Simulink Real-Time

For this tutorial, you must have this configuration:

  • Simulink® Real-Time™ software installed on the development computer

  • Simulink Real-Time Target Support package installed on the development computer

  • Speedgoat® target machine (target computer) connected to the development computer

Configure Link Between Development and Target Computers

To run a Simulink Real-Time model on a target computer, you must connect the development and target computers in a network.

The target network setting values are representative only. Consult your network administrator for actual values. For more information about network configuration, see Target Computer Settings.

  1. Select the Simulink Real-Time template from the Simulink start page and create the exampleSlrtApp model. In the MATLAB® Command Window, type:

  2. In the Simulink Editor, open the Simulink Real-Time Explorer. In the Real-Time tab, from the targets list, click SLRT Explorer.

  3. From the Target Computers list, select the target computer node.

    1. To add a node representing another target computer, in the Targets pane, click the Add target button.

    2. To remove a node representing a target computer, select the node and click the Remove target button.

  4. If not previously configured, select the Target Configuration tab and set the target computer IP address for the target computer definition by using the Change IP Address button. For example, Speedgoat target machines are preconfigured to address

  5. Check that you have started the target computer and wait until the target computer boots the RTOS.

  6. To connect Simulink Real-Time to the target computer, click Disconnected to toggle to Connected.


If Simulink Real-Time reports a connection issue, contact MathWorks® support. For more information, see the MathWorks Support website MathWorks Help Center website.

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