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Configure Block Parameters

The block parameters define values for blocks in your model. For example, block parameters include channel numbers for multichannel boards, input and output voltage ranges, and sample time. For information about configuring block parameters for Speedgoat I/O modules, see the Speedgoat® documentation at

This procedure uses the Simulink® model slrt_ex_osc. To open this example model, in the MATLAB Command Window, type:

openExample('slrealtime/SlrtAddIOBlocksToSimulinkModelExample', ...
  1. In the Simulink Editor, double-click the File Log block.

  2. Fill in the File Log dialog box. For example, enter a decimation value to reduce file logging data collection.

    The Decimation parameter value appears in the File Log block parameters dialog box.

When you change block parameter values through the block parameters dialog box, the changes take effect when you build the real-time application. You can also change parameter values in a real-time application without rebuilding the application. For more information, see Tunable Block Parameters and Tunable Global Parameters.

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