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Create App Designer Instrument Panels by Using App Generator

You can create App Designer instrument panels to interface with real-time applications by using the App Generator button on the Real-Time tab in the Simulink® Editor. By using the App Generator, you can generate an instrument panel for selected signals and parameters in your model. You can open the generated app in App Designer to customize the instrument panel.

To create an instrument panel for your model by using the App Generator button:

  1. Open the Simulink Real-Time™ model.

  2. In the Simulink Editor, on the Real-Time tab, click Review Results > App Generator.

  3. In the App Generator, select Signals and Parameters in the model to add as components on the instrument panel. Click the Add to panel button.

    Image of Add to panel button

  4. After you add each signal or parameter, configure the Control Name and Control Type. The figure shows some App Generator selections for the slrt_ex_osc model.

    Image of App Generator

  5. After configuring the Control Name and Control Type for the signals and parameters, click the Generate App button.

  6. To customize the generated application, click the Open in App Designer button.

The App Generator adds controls to your instrument panel that enable the panel to interface with the real-time application. These controls include the target computer selector, connect button, load application button, start/stop button, stop time field, and system log. Any instrumented signals from the model are added in an axis component. For more information, see Create App Designer Instrument Panels by Using Simulink Real-Time Components.

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