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Class: slreq.Reference
Package: slreq

Get incoming links for referenced requirements


myLinks = inLinks(ref)


myLinks = inLinks(ref) returns the incoming links for the referenced requirement ref.

Input Arguments

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Referenced requirement, specified as a slreq.Reference object.

Output Arguments

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Incoming links for the requirement, returned as an slreq.Link array.


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This example shows how to get incoming and outgoing links for referenced requirements.

Open the Requirements Definition for a Cruise Control Model project. Load the crs_req requirement set.

rs = slreq.load("crs_req");

Find the requirement with the index 2.1.2.

ref1 = find(rs,Index="2.1.2");

Get the incoming links for the requirement.

myInLinks = inLinks(ref1);

Find the requirement with the index 3.1.

ref2 = find(rs,Index="3.1");

Get the outgoing links for the requirement.

myOutLinks = outLinks(ref2);


Alternative Functionality


You can also use the Requirements Editor to view incoming links. Select a referenced requirement. In the right pane, under Links, the incoming links icon indicates incoming links.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b