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Validate, Build, and Deploy on Infineon AURIX TC4x Multicore

In this section, you will learn how to validate, build and deploy the generated binaries on the TC4x multicore hardware.

  1. Open any AURIX™ TC4x model. In this example we are launching a top-level model.

  2. Run this command at the MATLAB® command prompt:


    The model consists of Task Manager blocks that connect the two referenced models. Each reference model corresponds to a different processing unit and task manager block should be connected each reference model. In this example, Core1 reference model refers to TriCore0 and Core2 refers to TriCore1. For more information, see Task Manager.

  3. Press Ctrl+E or click Modeling > Model Settings to open Configuration Parameters dialog box of the top model (open_system('tc4x_IpcTopModel.slx')).

  4. For top model, ensure the processing unit is set to None.

  5. To open Configuration Parameters dialog box of the reference models, i.e.

    • Core1 model - open_system(tc4x_IpcTriCore0.slx) and press Ctrl+E

      This application model uses two cores, namely TriCore0 and TriCore1. TriCore0 is the master core and it needs to have information on which other core are used the application. In this example, since TriCore1 is being used, select Enable CPU1 parameter.

    • Core2 model - open_system(tc4x_IpcTriCore1.slx) and press Ctrl+E.

      For TriCore1, Enable CPU1 parameter is selected by default, since no other cores apart from TriCore0 and TriCore1 are used in the application. We do not have to select other parameters in the configuration parameters.

  6. Click Configure, Build, Deploy & Start on the Hardware tab of the top model to launch the SoC Builder tool.

  7. The SoC Builder app will guide you through the validate, build and run procedure. Complete the all the steps. For more information, see SoC Builder.

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