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Line Voltage Sensor (Three-Phase)

Ideal three-phase line voltage measurement

  • Line Voltage Sensor (Three-Phase) block

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The Line Voltage Sensor (Three-Phase) block represents an ideal three-phase line voltage sensor. The block measures the line-line voltages of a three-phase system and outputs a three-element physical signal vector. Each element of the physical signal output vector is proportional to the voltage between the phases as follows:

  • Element 1: Vab = Va - Vb

  • Element 2: Vbc = Vb - Vc

  • Element 3: Vca = Vc - Va

where Va, Vb, and Vc are the absolute a-, b-, and c-phase voltages.


You must connect the Line Voltage Sensor (Three-Phase) block in shunt with the three-phase element. For more information on how to use this block, see Build and Simulate Composite and Expanded Three-Phase Models.



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Three-element physical signal vector output port associated with the voltages between the phases


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Expandable three-phase port.


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Whether to model composite or expanded three-phase ports.

Composite three-phase ports represent three individual electrical conserving ports with a single block port. You can use composite three-phase ports to build models that correspond to single-line diagrams of three-phase electrical systems.

Expanded three-phase ports represent the individual phases of a three-phase system using three separate electrical conserving ports.

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Version History

Introduced in R2013b