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Simscape Electrical Block Libraries

Simscape™ Electrical™ software includes twelve different top-level libraries. These libraries allow you to model mechatronic systems, analog circuit architectures, and single- and multi-phase electrical power systems. You can also develop control algorithms for these systems within the Simulink® environment by using these libraries. All of these libraries, except Specialized Power Systems, contain blocks developed specifically for extending the Simscape Foundation domains and are fully compatible with the Simscape technology. Blocks in the Specialized Power Systems library function in their own domain.

Libraries Compatible with Simscape Technology

All Simscape Electrical libraries, except Specialized Power Systems, contain blocks specifically developed to:

  • Extend the Simscape Electrical domain, a single-phase electrical domain.

  • Extend the Simscape Three-Phase Electrical domain, a three-phase electrical domain.

These library blocks are written in the Simscape language and are fully compatible with the Simscape technology, including local solvers, data logging, statistics and variable viewers, frequency analysis, and component and library customizations. To configure Simscape Electrical models composed of these library blocks for local-solver simulation, use the Solver Configuration block. Many of the blocks in these libraries also work with other Simscape Foundation domains, such as the Mechanical, Magnetic, and Thermal domains. When working with the Simscape technology compatible library blocks, you can use these capabilities:

  • Partitioning Solver

  • Simscape HDL Workflow Advisor

  • Simscape Results Explorer

These libraries include models of high-fidelity, nonlinear, faultable, electrothermal power electronics. You can use these components to develop mechatronic systems and to build behavioral models for evaluating analog circuit architectures. The libraries also include low-fidelity models that are switched linear and optimized for fast simulation. There are also some models that contain optional ports for thermal analysis.

You can create single-line three-phase diagrams by using the three-phase blocks because the Three-Phase Electrical domain supports signals that contain all three phases as individual elements in a single vector. You can also model each phase individually, for example, to inject a single-line-to-ground fault into your circuit, by expanding the three-phase ports on these blocks into three separate single-phase electrical ports.

The Control library contains Simulink blocks for signal generation, mathematical transformation, and machine control. You can use these components to develop control systems for single- and multi-phase electrical power systems.

Through conserving ports of the same domain, you can directly connect the blocks from these Simscape Electrical libraries to Simscape blocks from:

  • Simscape Foundation libraries

  • Simscape add-on products, such as Simscape Driveline™, Simscape Multibody™, and Simscape Fluids™

Through physical signal ports, you can connect the physical blocks from these Simscape Electrical libraries to:

  • Simulink blocks, including blocks from the Control library, by using converter blocks from the Simscape Utilities library

  • Blocks from the Physical Signals library, which is in the Simscape Foundation library.

Specialized Power Systems Library

The Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems library contains blocks that use their own, specialized electrical domain. The library contains models of typical power equipment such as transformers, electric machines and drives, and power electronics. It also contains control, measurement, and signal generation models that you can use for developing power system control algorithms. The Specialized Power Systems Fundamental Blocks library contains the powergui block, which provides tools for the steady-state analysis of electrical circuits. To configure Specialized Power Systems models for continuous-time, discrete-time, or phasor simulation, and to analyze simulation results, use the powergui block. The powergui block is in the Specialized Power Systems Fundamental Blocks library.

You can connect Specialized Power Systems blocks to Simulink blocks either:

  • Directly, through Simulink signal input and output ports.

  • Through measurement blocks from the Measurements sublibrary of the Fundamental Blocks library.

Access the Simscape Electrical Block Libraries

You can access the Simscape Electrical libraries from the Simulink Library Browser or from the MATLAB® command prompt.

To display the Electrical library in the Simulink Library Browser, scroll to the Simscape node. Expand the Simscape node and then the Electrical node. Alternately, at the MATLAB command prompt, enter this command.


To access the sublibraries in the twelve top-level Simscape Electrical libraries, further expand the nodes. Alternately, use the open_system command at the MATLAB command prompt. For example, to access the sublibraries in the Connectors & References library, enter the commands:

open_system('ee_lib/Connectors & References')