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Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones

Design, simulate, and deploy algorithms to fly Parrot Minidrones

Simulink® Support Package for Parrot® Minidrones lets you build and deploy flight control algorithms on Parrot minidrones. You can deploy algorithms wirelessly over Bluetooth®. The algorithms can access onboard sensors—such as the ultrasonic, accelerometer, gyroscope, and air pressure sensors—as well as the downward facing camera.

Simulink add-on tools provide additional capabilities. Aerospace Blockset™ includes an example that makes use of Parrot minidrones. The example lets you model 6-DOF equations of motion and simulate aircraft behavior under various flight and environmental conditions. Simulink Coder™ lets you record flight data on the minidrone and access the C code generated from Simulink models.

Setup and Configuration

Install hardware support, update firmware, configure hardware connection


Prepare model for hardware connection, add blocks to support hardware protocols

Run On Target Hardware

Run Simulink model on Parrot Minidrone

Simulink Online

Use Simulink Online for Parrot Minidrones through your web browser