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Return size of points object



size(points) returns the size of the points object.

sz = size(points) returns the vector [length(points), 1].

sz = size(points,1) returns the length of points.

sz = size(points,dimension) returns the length of the dimension.

[M,N] = size(points) returns length(points) for M and 1 for N


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Read an image.

I = imread('cameraman.tif');

Detect corner features.

featurePoints = detectHarrisFeatures(I);

Find the size of the feature points object.

sz = size(featurePoints)
sz = 1×2

   184     1

Plot feature image with detected features.

imshow(I); hold on;

Figure contains an axes object. The axes object contains 2 objects of type image, line.

Input Arguments

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Points object, specified as a points object. The object contains information about the feature points detected in the input image. To obtain points, use the appropriate detect function.

Dimension, returned as an integer. For dim >= 2, the object returns 1.

Version History

Introduced in R2012a