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End-to-End Simulation

Waveform generation, link-level PER, and channel modeling

WLAN Toolbox™ provides functions that let you model end-to-end communication links. The examples featured here demonstrate modeling end-to-end communication links and analyzing link performance.


WLAN Waveform GeneratorCreate, impair, visualize, and export WLAN waveforms


wlanWaveformGeneratorGenerate WLAN waveform
biterrNumber of bit errors and bit error rate (BER)


wlanTGnChannelFilter signal through 802.11n multipath fading channel
wlanTGacChannelFilter signal through 802.11ac multipath fading channel
wlanTGahChannelFilter signal through 802.11ah multipath fading channel
wlanTGaxChannelFilter signal through 802.11ax multipath fading channel
comm.ErrorRateCompute bit or symbol error rate of input data