how to fuzzify the pixel intensity of an image

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I need help in fuzzifying the pixel intensity using a membership function u(x)=e^(-(xmax-xmn)^2/2f^2)..xmax is maximum intensity value,xmn is d intensity at(m,n),f is a to do it in matlab

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
I think that what you are referring to as "fuzzifying" is better described as randomness or adding noise. What you can do is simply add noise, which can be uniform or normally distributed with the functions
where m,n are the dimensions of the image you want to make fuzzy.
Hope this helps

Kyle Rawding
Kyle Rawding on 17 Mar 2021
Hi -
I understand that you're interested in using pixel intensity as an input to a fuzzy inference system according to the membership function you've listed above.
We have a published example on tuning an FIS based on pixel color, which is just intensity in a specific RGB channel:
I believe you could follow this workflow then define your membership function as desired.


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