Create boxplots from multistructure cell

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Julian il 1 Nov 2013
Dear all, I am trying to create a matrix that stores boxplots of various parameters that have been estimated and stored in a cell which contains a 5x100 array of structures, each of which basically contain the same name of parameters, but have been estimated using a different number of simulations, respectively.
This is a preview of the structure:
So now I am simply trying to create a matrix which gives me boxplots for each of the parameters of interest, for each asset (total of 30), and then obviously for each number of simulation.
Here was my starting point:
TTAll=[100 250 500 1000 2000];
S=length(TTAll); % do the simulation 100 times (Marc)
box = cell(S,S1);
df0 = zeros(S,S1); df = zeros(S,S1);
scale = zeros(S,S1); c0 = zeros(S,S1);
c1 = zeros(S,S1); d1 = zeros(S,S1); R=zeros(S,S1);
box.k0 = df0; box.k = df; box.scale = scale; box.c0 = c0;
box.c1 = c1; box.d1 = d1; box.R = R;
for j = 1:length(TTAll)
% TT=TTAll(j);
for j1 = 1:S1
box{j,j1}.k0(:,:) = boxplot(param_cop_garch{j,j1}.df(1,:),'plotstyle','compact');
This gives me the following error: Cell contents assignment to a non-cell array object.
What am I doing wrong or not considering when trying to specify the boxplot matrix?
Best regards,

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro

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