why its giving error? Its saying cant read A1(2.3), its not logical

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t = 1:9;
t1 = 1 : 0.1 :9;
A = [916.3, 923.6, 933.1, 947.4, 966.2, 986.6, 1008.5, 1031.5, 1051.3];
A1 = interp1(t ,A , t1) ;
a= 1;
h= 1.3;
for i = 0:3
res = 0.5*[A1(a+ i*h)+ A1(a + (i+1)*h)]*h

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ES il 7 Nov 2013
Modificato: ES il 7 Nov 2013
all Indices in matlab must be positive integers. your h is 1.3 so for all i values it will try to access A1(i.3) which is not correct.
res = 0.5*[A1(a+ i*h)+ A1(a + (i+1)*h)]*h
It might help if you say what you ant to achieve in your code. For example
will not give you desired results. It should be
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Rizwana il 7 Nov 2013
My mistake. I want to excess 23(2.3) column now. Dont know how to do it. Will try arranging my data in 2D array. If i get stuck again will get back to you. Thank You

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sidra il 7 Nov 2013
Reading up about matrix indexing will be helpful in your case. Try the link below:


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