Can PCA be applied directly on an image?

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sidra il 13 Nov 2013
Commentato: sidra il 21 Nov 2013
Can PCA be applied directly on an image, in contrast to a matrix(in which rows correspond to observations & columns to variables)?
When i try to apply PCA using SVD/Covariance directly on an image i get the following error:
"Error using minus
Integers can only be combined with integers of same class or scalar doubles.
Error in pca2 at 14
Thanking you in advance
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sidra il 14 Nov 2013
Algorithms Analyst ,the image type is double.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 14 Nov 2013
Apply it to im2double() of the image.

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sidra il 18 Nov 2013
Walter, it works fine for a single image but when i try the same on array of images i get the error :
"Array dimensions must match for binary array op.
error in pca2 at 14
error in db.pca at 18


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