How can I generate a sample of 1-D random numbers following Gaussian distribution

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I want to generate a sample of 1-D random numbers in an interval [a, b] following Gaussian distribution (using the analytical expression for probability density distribution(PDF)).
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Doug Hull
Doug Hull on 14 Nov 2013
What would that even mean? Do you want to specify the mean and Standard deviation then truncate anything outside of [A,B]?

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Simon on 14 Nov 2013
Edited: Simon on 14 Nov 2013
It seems you already found your solution on file exchange. Why don't you use it?
Your input function will be
myfun = @(x) exp(-(x - m).^2 ./ (2*sigma^2)) ./ (sigma*sqrt(2*pi));
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thoraya on 15 Nov 2013
Hi, it is true. I asked this question to make sure that I chose the right file. thanks for your help

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