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Integrating Simulink with OpenFOAM.

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Sotiris il 22 Nov 2013
Commentato: Marten Mehring il 15 Lug 2023
Is there any way of integrating Simulink with OpenFOAM (e.g. having an engine model in the first and a propeller model in the second)?

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Precise Simulation
Precise Simulation il 31 Mar 2021
Although I currently don't have a direct example for this, it would technically be possible to do this using the FEATool Multiphyics MATLAB toolbox which includes OpenFOAM as a physics solver backend. In this way you could write a custom coupling between Simulink (or other MATLAB toolboxes) and OpenFOAM via/using the FEATool toolbox functions and API.
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Arman Burkitbayev
Arman Burkitbayev il 7 Set 2022
I am reading what you wrote here and did not understand properly. Please let me understnad your point.
So, we can run simulation in openfoam and in matlab. after that, we con connect together. Am I right?
I am looking for this scenario. how can I connect both of them here.....
Marten Mehring
Marten Mehring il 15 Lug 2023
Yes if you have only one subdomain.. multibody simulations are not possible at this time in FeaTool.. I tried it but it’s not going

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