How to do random arrangement of data like this using a FOR Loop?

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Please consider my sample code:
N=256; % some constant
data=randsrc(1,N,[1:.01:5]); % data points
b=[1,2,4,8,16] % no. of blocks where a b represents no. of rows in output matrix
How to divide my data(1x256)into blocks b=[1,2,4,8,16] in a Random Grouping of data indices like this using a FOR Loop:
For a single output matrix following are the conditions:
  1. Each row randomly picks up the data point excluding the data points picked up by other Row
  2. and rest of the indices in a row have a zero.
  3. order of data indices picked up does not matter
Output Matrix are as follows:
out1= 1xN = same as data(1x256)(no division into blocks)
out2= is a 2xN matrix
row 1 picks up random 128 data points (in any order)
row 2 picks rest of 128 data points (excluding data points of row 1)
and places them at a different index (other than that of row 1)
And rest of indices are zero in any row.
out4= is a 4xN matrix
Each row uniquely picks random 64 data points
out8= is 8xN matrix
and Each row picks 32 random data points
out16= is a 16xN matrix
and Each row picks 16 random data points.
How to do this using a FOR Loop running for b=[1,2,4,8,16] ?

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