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Multiple Labels in an Image

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Cady il 3 Dic 2013
Commentato: Image Analyst il 4 Dic 2013
Hello, I am currently doing a project and inventory categorization and I can detect each type of inventory, but I can only output each detected image labeled on separate images. I want to know how to label all the detected images on one image. I am currently using insertObjectAnnotation to label my detected items. Can someone please shed some light on how I can put all the labeled products on one image. Thank you.

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sixwwwwww il 3 Dic 2013
you can store labels for all of your items in a cell array of strings and then you can use this cell array of strings in place of single label. For more information see:
I hope it helps. Good luck!
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Cady il 4 Dic 2013
If I can send them to you I would greatly appreciate the further help
Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 4 Dic 2013
Try zipping them before attaching.

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