Call one array from a large array made up of several others

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I've got an array, say Z, made up of 4 smaller 2x2 ones, say A, B, C and D:
Z = a11 a12 b11 b12
a21 a22 b21 b22
c11 c12 d11 d12
c21 c22 d21 d22
Once I've created Z, is there a way to ask matlab for, for example, the first entry in each of A, B, C and D, based only on Z? I can call individual entries from it fine (e.g. the value at the 4th row, 3rd column), but would like to be able to store my data in one array and still treat it as individual arrays for some things.

Accepted Answer

sixwwwwww on 5 Dec 2013
you can do it fi you store your arrays A, B, C and D in cell array Z as follows:
Z = {A, B, C, D};
then you can treat A, B, C and D individually by using cell indexing
Jennifer on 5 Dec 2013
Thank you! I hadn't come across the disp(Z{1}) part before, it works now

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Matt J
Matt J on 5 Dec 2013
Edited: Matt J on 5 Dec 2013
Matt J
Matt J on 5 Dec 2013
Here are some examples,
>> Z=10*reshape(1:16,4,4)'
Z =
10 20 30 40
50 60 70 80
90 100 110 120
130 140 150 160
>> Z([1,3],[1,3])
ans =
10 30
90 110
>> Z([2,4],[2,3])
ans =
60 70
140 150

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