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A game like "simon"

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Leonardo il 6 Dic 2013
Can someone help me? I need to make a program that simulates the game "Simon", but in a simpler way ... Instead of colors, the display should show numbers from 0 to 9 ... for example:
The number 5 appears on the screen and after a few seconds, disappears. The player clicks on the key 5. The number 5 and the number 9 on the screen and after a few seconds, disappear. The player clicks on the key 5 then the key 9....
At first, the game needs to ask the name of the two players. the player who makes the longest streak wins. In the end, the winner's name should appear with your score.
Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Brazil and i don't speak very well... hope you understand! Thanks ...

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Simon il 6 Dic 2013
Some hints to get you started:
  • You can get the player's name using "input".
  • Make a loop from 1 to, let's say, 1000.
  • In every loop iteration show the user the current count of number (randomly generated)
  • Make a pause
  • Clear the screen
  • Ask the user for the numbers
  • Compare the numbers
  • If it's correct: next loop iteration
  • If not: break out of the loop and store the loop counter-1 as score
Start with that. If you have a small program and you have specific questions, post your code and ask!
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Leonardo il 6 Dic 2013
I just found out. If I have any questions, i'll be back here!
send me the code if you have done it

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Leonardo il 6 Dic 2013
Well, it's more complicated than I thought. I will not be able to do that until midnight, cause I'll be working. So if someone can make this game for me, I would be very, very, very grateful. Thank you all...
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 6 Dic 2013
Maybe you would be grateful, but I thought you were doing it for fun, not just because it's something you had to have for some reason. Where's the fun and pride in creating the game if you just run code someone else gave you?
Perfect Obumneme
Perfect Obumneme il 7 Apr 2018
lmao :):):)thats deep!!

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