Replacing non-integer values

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Muneer il 6 Dic 2013
Commentato: sixwwwwww il 6 Dic 2013
I have an array of all numeric values but it is a mix of integers and non-integers. How could I replace an non-integer with 0, for example? Also, the array is fairly large (about 130k rows).
Thanks in advance!

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek il 6 Dic 2013

sixwwwwww il 6 Dic 2013
Modificato: sixwwwwww il 6 Dic 2013
If 'a' is your array then use the following:
a(arrayfun(@(x) ~isinteger(x), a)) = 0;
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sixwwwwww il 6 Dic 2013
you are welcome

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