MATLAB crashes when I add a folder to the path or when I save a script

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I use MATLAB(R2013a) on win 8 pro. Recently when I add a folder to the path by using "set path" or when I save a script MATLAB will crash, showing "MATLAB(R2013a) has stopped working". I uninstall and reinstall MATLAB, the problem is still there. Also the same problem occurs when I change to MATLAB(R2013b). What's the problem and is there some method to solve this problem?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 7 Dic 2013
For true crashes like that , where MATLAB itself crashes in a fiery ball of flaming bits and bytes, it's recommended that you call the Mathworks. See the FAQ :

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Rbk il 27 Feb 2014
Hi Junjian, I have the same problem as you described. Did you fix it? Thanks
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Rbk il 4 Mar 2014
Btw, if you use Windows 7, you can use Event Viewer software to see the error when matlab crashes.
As far as I am concerned, I got the exception code 0xc0000005 ( which is somehow a generic, and may point on many problems with faulty hardware, but also on access violations (directory or file permissions).

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Eric Keller
Eric Keller il 4 Mar 2014
It seems to me that the most likely culprit is Java. Not sure how you would test that though.


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